For the past four years our team of specialists have been working with a dedicated focus to develop, implement and configure Smart City solutions, piecing together LED lighting, City WiFi, ZigBee and LoRa WAN networks in integrated units that make implementation of Smart City solutions seamless, flawless and operational day one. Too many cities are left with a monumental task of implementation and configuration of Smart City Technology when suppliers leave them with a pile of hardware and non-connected units and applications upon “delivery” of a project.

No more! Our team is the remedy…



Our team has installed, implemented and configured a City WiFi Proof Of Concept in Manila, Philippines.


Together with a local broadband-internet and optical fiber provider our team has replaced old conventional lighting with new state of the art LED luminaries with integrated Gbps WiFi access points. This ensures the possibility for public high speed internet connection and City WiFi for connection of various communication modules, meter, measurement and signal nodes.


The City WiFi is the backbone of the smart city, enabling a mesh of communication options for the city, government and private entities to utilize, benefit from and if decided, commercialize.




Our team has projected, planned, installed, implemented and configured a Lighting and Smart City installation in Victoria – Australia.


Together with local partners our team has installed and configured a LED lighting installation including lighting controls, based on the LoRa radio technology and City WiFi. The lighting control system ensures reduced maintenance costs, overview of operations and automatic alerts. Furthermore the system enables assignment of specific dimming profiles ensuring maximized energy savings in areas with little or no traffic in night time hours.

The integrated City WiFi ensures visitors in the busy walking street, free WiFi in one seamless connection. And provides a basis for fine analytics by vendors, whom can now track the number of visitors, demographics and movement patterns of the shoppers.

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